Reclaim 3: May 15

We are excited to announce our third exhibit to be held May 15-20, 2014. For Reclaim 3: Carte Blanche, we have asked three design studios -- Fort Makers, The Principals and UM Project -- to create interactive installations, all to be experienced in the same space. Each studio has also designed objects and accessories available for purchase, proceeds of which will go to the charities of the designers' choice. The exhibit will mark the launch of Colony, a designers co-op, and provide a sneak preview of the gallery space that will represent 12 of American desig

Poly , Reclaim x2, Reclaim NYC, Egg Collective , Hangar Design Studios

Poly by Egg Collective x Hangar Design Studios

Poly is a series of castings of a single shape that when adjusted creates an entirely new object. This has been a collaboration in the truest sense of the word. Poly is a direct result of Egg and Hangar's desires to create small, beautiful, yet functional objects. Masters cast in bronze and copies in plaster allow for a range of items. Even the fabrication of the objects has been a collaboration - Hangar braised the initial bronze masters, from which Egg created molds and plaster castings. 8” x 7.5” x 5.5” $800 - $200

L.O.V.E Potions and Book , Reclaim NYC, REclaim x2, Grain , Emilie Baltz

L.O.V.E Potions and Book by Grain x Emilie Baltz

The L.O.V.E Potions are a series of artisanal, desire-inducing vodkas inspired by artist Emilie Baltz's new publication, the L.O.V.E FOODBOOK, an art book that presents recipes by 15 contemporary chefs and mixologists, each revealing new definitions of the desire through food and drink. In collaboration with Chelsea Green and James Minola of Grain, the emotions are brought to life through a series of limited edition, custom designed vodkas that present new combinations of L.O.V.E ingredients. ANGRY DEPENDENCE: Blood Orange | Chocolate HATEFUL WONDER: Matcha

Volk Furniture, Reclaim NYC, Reclaim x2

Vanity with Bench by VOLK x Dressed in Yellow

Furniture design and fabrication studio VOLK has teamed up with independent clothing label Dressed in Yellow to explore the intersection of fashion and furniture. Vintage kimono fabrics, angular geometries and solid ash wood are the common threads that inform each piece of this one-off collection of jewelry, garments and furniture. Vanity - 44"H x 32"W x 24"D - Solid ash with ash veneer Bench - 18.5"H x 22.5"W x 18"D - Solid ash $3,200


Maru Wind Chimes by Ladies and Gentlemen Studio x Nicholas Nyland

1. Maru chime No.1 (small): 8"wide x 1"deep x 15"long materials: brass, copper, aluminum, ceramic, wood, leather, string 2. Maru chime No.2 (medium): 10"wide x 1"deep x 18"long materials: brass, copper, aluminum, ceramic, wood, leather, string 3. Maru chime No.3 (large): 15"wide x 4"deep x 25"long materials: brass, copper, aluminum, ceramic, wood, leather, string


Hard Copy coffee table by Kevin Michael Burns x Adam Pellecchia

This design combines Pellecchia’s graphic design and print experience and Burns’s contemporary furniture concept to create a low-fi, new tech coffee table. Hard Copy has bleached oak top, copper and turned bleach oak legs and a digitally enhanced printed photo of the actual table surface veneered on the top. 25L x 18W x 15.5H $960


Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet

Fathom was created as a beautiful reminder of how quickly we forget about events of devastation. When one passes in front of the object, the top part of your body is reflected in a natural way, but the bottom half of the mirror creates a deep refraction and convincingly makes you appear as if you are neck deep in water. 24”x24” Silver and blue mirrored acrylic.