Bonus Table 571 by Colleen and Eric x Loe Hubbard x Benjamin Cameron

The Bonus Table allows for three separate heights. Pure tones tuned to the natural resonant frequency of the wood result in vibrations, determined by the tabletop's size shape and density. The vibrations reveal a geometric pattern inherent to the wood. The resonant pattern is etched away by an enzyme cocktail tailored to the molecular structure of the wood. This is based on a live process using enzymes derived from forest floor microbes. Height options: 11 1/2", 16", 25" 18”W x 18”D $750


Lux Apoise by Allison Goding x Jerry Nance

Lux Apoise, which translates to balanced light, combines the elements of architecture, soft circuits, garments and fine furniture. Brass capped ash bows are tensioned towards each other creating a semi-rigid structure which is draped in an electronically integrated textile. Surface mount LED's are sewn into flexible circuits illuminating the lamp from within. Ash, Brass, Linen 3’ x 3’ footprint, 6.5’ tall $1,750

Scout Regalia, Reunion, Reclaim NYC, Reclaim x2

Lean To by Scout Regalia x Reunion

  Scout Regalia and Reunion brought a taste of the west coast to Reclaim x2 with this wonderfully colorful Lean To.


Stickbulb Limited Edition Big Bang by RUX x Stickbulb x David G. Flatt Furniture

Made from a fallen maple tree that fell during Hurricane Sandy. 108”H x 26”L x 26”W $3,200


Blåst Tables by Marius Myking x Vidar Koksvik

Mouth blown side tables in crystalline colors. 13.38”W x 12.5”H $1,000


chair[dot]felt by Daniel Moyer x FilzFelt x submaterial

Laminated industrial felt, powder-coated aluminum, white pigmented maple, threaded rod and X-large wingnuts. 20 x 20 x 35 high $2,500

Brad Ascalon, Reclaim NYC, Angel Naula

Glide Ottoman by Brad Ascalon x Angel Naula

  Ascalon and Naula created this piece with a core of reclaimed magazines to replace the wood structure that would otherwise be needed to build this type of furniture. The foundation for this idea is that many years from now, when magazines, paper publications, etc. are a thing of the past, this capsule project has recorded a moment in time from our generation for a future generation to one day discover. 18.5W x 18.5L x 15H