Faith (8/66) by Suzanne Tick



“Faith (8/66)” started as a Richard Schultz 1966 Collection Lounge Chair that was damaged in Hurricane Sandy. Suzanne Tick had the frame welded, sanded and sealed. The severely ripped and weakened fabric was removed and replaced with brightly colored cord wrapped around the frame to create a new seat. Most of the metal frame was also wrapped in this cord to create a “new” chair symbolic of New York City’s ability to rebuild after the destruction of Sandy. The piece is named “Faith (8/66)” after Hurricane Faith of 1966. Faith was a long-lived hurricane with the longest recorded track of any hurricane.

Courtesy of the Suzanne Tick Studio (Suzanne Tick, Lynne Willis, Meagan Phipps, Alice Donovan) and Cristina Grajales Gallery, New York.


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