Save the Date: Reclaim x2 on May 16


Reclaim NYC invites you to its second exhibit and charity sale, Reclaim x2: design that’s more than the sum of its parts, during New York Design Week 2013.

Reclaim x2 charity sale will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2013, 7:00 – 11:00pm.


Reclaim NYC’s inaugural event in December was a reminder of the design community’s strength in this city. In the spirit of continuing the feeling of teamwork and community generated by the first show, Reclaim NYC has called upon designers to pair up and create works inspired by the idea of collaboration. Participants like Lindsey Adelman, Egg Collective, Jonah Takagi, UM Project and VOLK, were encouraged to work with partners outside of their own firms or disciplines to address the idea of coming together in times of need. The resulting work will be sold for charity.

Proceeds from the sale will go to local Hurricane Sandy relief through the Brooklyn Recovery Fund.

Reclaim NYC is the initiative of Jennifer Krichels and Jean Lin.

Lindsey Adelman x Nancy Callan
Brad Ascalon x Naula Workshop
Kevin Michael Burns x Adam Pellecchia
Colleen and Eric x Leo Hubbard x Benjamin Cameron
Dana D’Amico x KWH
Daniel Michalik x Liz Potenza x Mark McGinnis
Joe Doucet
e13 x Danis Sie x Chiara Tiara x Zach Klein x Ike Edeani
Egg Collective x Hangar Design Studios
Allison Goding x Jerry Nance
Grain x Emilie Baltz
Stéphane Hubert Design x Sean Brewer
Asher Israelow x Wyn Bauer
Ladies & Gentlemen Studio x Nicholas Nyland
smck studio x d’emploi
Daniel Moyer x FilzFelt x submaterial
Brendan Mullins x Kreh Mellick
Marius Myking x Vidar Koksvik
RUX x Stickbulb x David G. Flatt Furniture
Scout Regalia x Reunion
Sit and Read x Noah Lambert
Souda x Sure We Can
Jonah Takagi
Token x Uhuru
UM Project x Baggu
VOLK x Dressed in Yellow

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