Water, Water by Joe Doucet

Joe_Doucet _WaterWater_01

Joe_Doucet _WaterWATER-02

Joe_Doucet _WaterWater-03

Joe Doucet‘s Water, Water is nine unique objects in a series. Solid moulded acrylic and dye.

“Like most people in the path of Sandy, the first thing I did was to wait on line to stock up on water. The irony that an excess of water was the cause of the destruction was not lost on me, and led to my project. Taking the empty water bottles I stocked up on, I used them as moulds to cast solid acrylic forms ranging from clear to opaque black, symbolizing the deepening crisis water caused us over time. Rather than replicating the symmetry of the bottles, I crushed each one in a unique way to further reflect the effects of Sandy, resulting in a sculptural beauty of destruction frozen in time.”


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